Soukaina Aziz El Idrissi ‘Poly-Bond’

Poly-bond is woven textile project that aims at creating long lasting hard and semi hard surfaces through the manipulation of a large range of plastics. Visually inspired by junkyards and recycling plants, the collection of fabrics aims at creating material that is unique in that it will create a product that is 100 percent plastic.

Michelle Douek ‘Meeting Place: Ceramic Glaze in New Territories’

At the core of this project is the ‘essentialness’ of a material.  My work aims to challenge expectations surrounding materials and to give new possibilities.

Lærke Hooge Andersen ‘Those Born By Synthetics’

Recent work by Lærke Hooge Andersen, MA Textile Futures, The Synthetic Kingdom – Those Born By Synthetics

Imagine a future with nature hybrids, combining ‘the synthetic’ with ‘the organic/natural’.  THese hybrids grow and produce entire new, ‘natural’ materials, such as over dimensioned structures and textures that have extraordinary tactile qualities, e.g. mixing animal fur with the bark of a tree trunk.

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Sophie Thomas

“Somewhere inside him the memory of a twice lived moment in time.”

A jewellery project using reticulated silver, burnt copper and corian to create images of an eclipsed moon. Positive and negative pieces work in pairs to metaphorically link the wearer to another place, person or time.